Macelodeon - Macs, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll


Lass uns Wellenreiten

Best Coast - The Only Place

Max Herre feat. Antonino - Jeder Tag Zuviel

Yeasayer - Henrietta

Inverse Phase - Pretty Eight Machine (Nine Inch Nails’ Meilenstein-Album im 8bit/Chiptune-Remix)

Captain Capa - Faraday

Faith No Mores ’Angel Dust’ ist jetzt 20 Jahre alt…

Faith No More used to get the “alternative metal” tag in the magazines I was just starting to read, but the form of stomp-rock iconoclasm that exists on Angel Dust was light-years removed from the grunge revolution that was happening elsewhere. Instead, it’s a dizzily omnivorous thing, one that delights in shoving listeners’ heads into its excesses.

A Brief History of Video Games

The School - Never Thought I'd See the Day

Stereo Total – Die Frau in der Musik

Childish Gambino feat. Beck – Silk Pillow

Album-Stream: Future of the Left - The Plot Against Common Sense

„I listened to this song, and lo and behold, my testicles were bigger.“

Wenn es nach Steve Jobs gegangen wäre, dann hätte der der iMac „MacMan“ geheißen…

One by one, I took Steve through our five finalist names. I quickly moved through such also-rans as “MiniMac” (this was long before the Mac mini) and ended with a flourish on “iMac.” I made the case that not only was “iMac” concise and easy to remember, but the “i” could stand for other things. There was the obvious association with the Internet, but it could also stand for “individual” and “imagination.” Unfortunately, that ending flourish didn’t have the desired effect on Steve.

“I hate them all. ‘MacMan’ is better.”

Cantaloupe - Teapot

M83 - Reunion

The Roots - Paul Revere (Live Beastie Boys Cover)

Maike Rosa Vogel - Für fünf Minuten

Boys Noize - Donnastag

Here's a fun bootleg I did in tribute to the queen of disco Donna Summer. I ve had released the track in 2006 on a ltd. vinyl under my synonym 909D1SCO . In celebration of Donna Summer's life and work, I would like to make the track (re-mastered & edited) available for everybody to play.

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